You Are What You Think

The power of thought and intention when APPLIED, can be life changing.


During this time of year, many spend time reflecting on what happened throughout the year. They think about the good things that occurred as well as the not so good things that may have forced a change in their lives. This is a regular occurrence at the end of each year and when I see people doing this I ask myself, why? They list accomplishments, failures, triumphs and disappointments all referencing the life they HAD. They spend quite a bit of energy focusing on what was without thinking about right now and creating what will be. If I decide to reflect on my past in any way, I will make it a point to reflect on the positive experiences; then take time to remember how they made me feel, so I can hold on to the good feeling and generate a vibration of happiness. I can then harness that happiness and live in that vibration the rest of the day.

Here are a list of my top 5 suggestions for elevating your life in 2021.

  1. Be INTENTIONAL I have decided that during 2021 I will make it a point to be intentional in all that I do and say. I am going to harness the power of positive thought and intention to create the life of my dreams. I will not second guess myself and will consistently focus on what it is I want and work my ass off to get it.
  2. Harness the POWER of POSITIVITY – When you adopt an attitude of positivity, you will feel very blessed. When you take a look at positive circumstances unfolding in your life, you will not have time to waste energy worrying about things that are negative or disturbing. Holding positive thoughts can make any worry and anxiety related to an uncertain future melt away. The more we focus on what is positive in our lives, the brighter and more pleasing our lives become. Negativity will play no role in your existence when you make a concerted effort to think positively about your past, present, and future.
  3. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION – Our thoughts and feelings can effect the frequency at which we vibrate. This vibration we create goes out into the world and attracts energy toward us that moves at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways that we create our own reality, which is why we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibration. There are many ways to raise your vibration. One of my favorites ways is by using affirmations. I make it a point to consciously choose where I focus my attention and starting the day with a good affirmation helps. Raising your vibration is really simple and can be so powerful. Sit alone with your thoughts for let’s say, 5 minutes. During that time think of something you love unapologetically. It can be a person, a TV show, a movie, or an experience. After the five minutes have passed, you will realize you feel more positive and even lighter. If you want to keep raising your vibration, you should commit to spending five minutes every day focusing on the good in your life. Spend time reading positive affirmations and meditate on the meaning. Doing so, will train you to be more awake and alive and eventually you will experience a permanent shift in your vibration.
  4. BELIEVE in YOURSELF – People say this phrase all of the time. But I find it is easier said than done, so you will need to put in some work to make it a reality. We can work to be intentional with a thought, desire, or idea, that is the first step. We can have a positive attitude toward that intention and hold a vibration of happiness about that intention. But, if you do not feel good about the intention, you may not manifest the results you desire. The art of manifesting what you want requires emotion as fuel. You have to feel confident or self assured along with having an unwavering faith that what you intended can actually be. Why , because you believe you deserve it and you believe in your ability to achieve it. You have to believe in you!
  5. ACCEPT Your BLESSINGS Many walk through life not understanding they have the ability to create the life they want. Because they are blind to their own ability, they often miss noticing when that thing they manifested is on the way or is at their door step. They instead lower their vibration and thus blocking the blessing they were to receive. I put this in the blog as a simple reminder. When you live an intentional life filled with positivity at a high level of vibration, you will attract everything you need to manifest what you want. Things will happen that are designed to help you, people will come in to your life that are designed to help you, everything will seem as if it is coming toward you on autopilot, because it is. Just be ready to accept the blessings as they come. Feel good about them, be grateful, be joyful and I promise you will realize that blessing is upon you.

I hope that you find these tips useful and consider applying them to your own life. 2021 can be the best year ever, if you make it that way. Join me in the month of January as I post affirmations everyday that we can use to begin the journey of raising our vibration, embracing positivity and making moves with intention. Let’s elevate our lives in 2021 together!

Have a Happy New Year. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram @nlovewithjasmine.

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