Top 5 Picnic Must Haves


When setting the mood for your picnic finding the right location is the most important thing to do.  Choose a park that has decent shaded areas and access to areas with minimal traffic.

Use blankets and throw pillows together to create a layered effect / cushion for the utmost comfort.

Pick a color scheme that will complement the mood you want to set.  I love yellow because is sets a bright and cheery type of vibe.  It is a happy color and incorporating it into your picnic will give your theme a positive boost.


The food should be flavorful, easy to serve and delicious served in warm temperatures.  Choose a good assortment of fruit, hard and soft cheeses, cured deli meat, hummus and pita chips.  

Serve a good wine (Stella Rosa) and have plenty of bottled water on hand.


Be sure to have activities planned for everyone.  I like to play music, so I always create a good playlist and stream the music on a portable speaker.

Playing cards and Sip & Paint materials will entertain adults and coloring books will keep the kids happy.


Keeping everything organized is a must for a stress-free successful picnic.  Use coolers for your beverages and perishable items.  

I suggest using a picnic basket and a wine table for a beautiful serving platform.  It is necessary to keep your meal presentation looking great on the blanket.


Picnic attire should be both cute and comfortable.  My preference is shorts or a jumpsuit.  I like dresses and skirts, but they can be a little awkward when sitting on the ground.

To compliment the shorts or jumpsuit be sure to wear a straw hat and sunglasses.

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