Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board!

Charcuterie Boards make the best appetizers because it allows guests to sample a little of everything awesome on one plate. When planning your board consider adding the following: I suggest a few specialty smoked meats, assorted cheeses, sweet and savory cookies/cracketrs or pastries, candies, jams/jellys, fresh fruit and assorted nuts.

At the end of the day your board is your vision, your creation to share with your guests. Make it delicious, make it interesting, make it fun!!

This recipe includes all of the iitems I used to make the Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board pictured above.

Buy stampers!

SERVES: 10-12

Black grapes
Red delicious apples
dried apricots
Spanish olives
smoked ham
smoked turkey
peppered pepperoni
peppered salami
mini crispy bread loaves
wheat thin crackers
pretzel crackers

Madeline cookies
almond and raisin biscotti
cranberry covers goat cheese log
cheddar cheese
smoked gouda cheese
Colby cheese
yogurt covered raisins
caramel candy
Apricot Jam
Walnut halves

2 or 3 specialty cheeses

Assemble meat waves (river) first by folding the slices in quarters and inserting them on a long toothpick or short skewer.

Prepare cheese cut outs using leaf shaped fondant/cookie stampers. It’s best to purchase the cheese cut in slices and cut them out at room temperature.

 2″ Pastry/Cookie/Fondant Stampers, Leaves and Acorn, 4-Piece Set

Decide which item you want to use as your focal point to build from. I chose the black grapes because of their unique shape.

On a large platter or cutting board assemble your items. jams and jellies look great in small glass dishes, olives and be placed on toothpicks and quite frankly, you can arrange the items as you see fit. Just try to make everything accessible and try to put items you want eaten together next to each other.

What do you think? Would you make a board like this for your Thanksgiving gathering? Please let me know if you try it by sharing in the comment section or on IG or FB @nlovewithjasmine.

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