Santa Claus Sipper

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays!  Nothing says Christmas like red and green sprinkles on a cloud of white deliciousness.  This is Christmas in a glass light here.  Enjoy!! Servings: 1-2Equipment: (name) glasses & Beverage Shaker Ingredients: 1/2 oz. Grenadine1/2 oz. Kalua Coffee … Read More

Apple Butter Infused Old Fashioned

You know when a drinks smells so good you want to eat it? That’s this one. Expect this cocktail to be imprinted on your brain and tastebuds. Enjoy! Servings: SingleEquipment: Cocktail glass & Beverage Shaker Ingredients:2 tablespoons apple butter2 dashes … Read More

Grand Christmas Cran-Barita

This is the first recipe in my Holiday Drink series.  It is a cranberry margarita made with delicious ingredients you will love, and it looks gorgeous too! Enjoy! Servings: 8ishEquipment: Margarita glasses & Beverage Shaker Ingredients: 3 tablespoons granulated sugar2 … Read More