Summer Skin

Our skin care needs change with each season simply because of environment. That being the case it really important to make sure you have what you need on hand to keep your skin blemish free, moisturized and protected. In this blog I am sharing my top 5 skin care products to keep your skin glowing in the summer.

The key to having beautiful Summer Skin is to Cleanse, Hydrate & Protect it everyday. As a professional cosmetologist, I have been trained on how to care for skin, hair and nails properly. This knowledge guides my decisions when I purchase products to use. My five favorite skincare finds are as follows:

  1. Cleanser – Should gently remove dirt, make up and any impurities from the skin without stripping natural oils

2. Exfoliator – Used to gently loosen dead skin, lift blemishes and reveal smoother, softer skin.

3. Toner – Use after cleansing and exfoliating to soothe the skin, close the pores and balance out the ph pf the skin.

4. Moisturizer – Must be applied regardless of skin type. It keeps the skin soft, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and heals the dry areas.

5. Protector – Before applying make up, it is a good idea to use a primer. It makes the surface smooth for makeup application, and adds a protective layer between your skin and impurities

When you start a good skincare regimen you may experience a few blemishes in the first few days, but as your skin heals and becomes really clean, they will disappear and let soft, glowing skin shine through. You must make a point to remove your make up daily to allow your pores to breath in order to prevent break outs

A few of my favorite items for summer are simple yet effective! I absolutely loveeeee my Mario Badescu Rose water!!

Shop my favorites here!

The goat!

I’m also loving my Elf Holy Hydration face cream!

For a toner, my absolute favorite right now is the Fenty Beauty Fat Water!

The ensure an even skin tone and fight dark spots the ultimate product that I use year round is the Argan Vitamin C serum!

The bar cleanser out is from Alya Skin! Their foaming micellar cleanser is phenomenal!

For body I’m loving the Ren Smart renewal body serum!

In addition to creating a good daily regimen, you must eat properly and drink plenty of water to have the best skin possible. That saying of “you are what you eat”, is very true. Clean eating leads to a clean healthy body and beautiful skin and hair.

Does your skin look its best? What are your favorite products to use? Share with me in the comments.

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