Putting In Yard Work

It’s that time of year where we have the chance to beautify our home with flowers and plants. This year we are doing it as a family. Karl and I put together a simple landscaping plan that will add color and fragrance to our yard and provide yet another place for us to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

We went to Home Depot and purchased quite a few plant, flowers and some mulch to kick off the project. I wanted to have a layered effect in the front yard which can be accomplished by planting rows of different color flowers. Huge shout out to @homedepot and their one stop shop! We purchased our mulch using their 5 bags for $10 deal!!! We needed 25 bags! We even used their $20 for 75 minute flatbed truck rental! This saved extra trips and hassle of trying to pack our cars.

I absolutely love their gardening area!

I used a pretty ground cover along the edges to add interest and keep the bed neat. To add height and compliment the yellow rose bush already there, I planted several olive tree bushes. When they fill out, they will look great in front of the window. We went with a black mulch to make sure our plant colors popped and it looks fabulous!


When choosing your flowers, it is important to know which ones are annuals and which are perennials. Annual plants die in the winter season, so you must replant them every year. Perennials come back every year, so you only plant them once. This is important when it comes to plant placement in the beds. I think it is a good idea to put annuals in a place that is easy to access so it will be easy to plant more the next season. Also if you decide not to plant more, the the bed will still look good because your perennials are already in place. I consider annual plants accent plants because they often come in vibrant colors and add an immediate pop to your landscaping plan.

May Night Salvia

We have soooo many fun things in store updating and giving our home extra love. A little added curb appeal never hurts! Painting our door and shutters up next! I’m ashamed at how dirty our mailbox was… I blame amazon and door deliveries 🤣🤣… I cleaned it off now, so good as new!

Check out my YouTube video where you can see the entire yard transformation take place.

Watch Here!

Here is a great resource for those of you new to gardening. It is a website that tells you the best tools to have to start your garden. https://www.gardendesign.com/how-to/tools.html . If you enjoyed this blog and are planning to give your yard a facelift, let me know in the comments. Please share your experience as well.

I use this for my indoor plants! Blog coming soon on the perfect indoor plants!

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  • You did such a great job!! I am soooo looking forward to gardening when we move. Currently no backyard and the HOA takes care of our front yards. This looked like some great bonding time for you and Karl too :). Loves it!

  • It looks amazing!! This instantly gave your yard a face lift. I love your rose bush!..and those mulch deals come in clutch because you never realize how much you’re really going to need I always have to go back for more. I stalk my houseplants but I would like to do more landscaping and don’t know where to begin so thanks for sharing , I will be using the garden design resource as well.

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