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My family means everything to me. Every opportunity I get to capture a precious moment with them on camera, I do! So what do you do with a bunch of great pictures? Make a portrait wall! It’s that one place in your home you can go to reflect on happy times and relive great memories of the ones you love.

I had a blast putting this portrait wall together for my home. I knew exactly what I wanted and because of that I thought it would carry a hefty price tag.

How I did it:

1. I gave myself a budget of $100 to complete the project.

2. I shopped the frames from goodwill and took advantage of their 40% off discount.

Choose different size frames in various textures to add depth and interest.

I snagged 20 frames for $25 people!!!

Make sure you have a plan before you go to Goodwill so you can stay on task and not get side tracked by all of the great finds they have available.

3. Prep and paint the frames.

You will need scissors, a a screwdriver and a paint scraper to get the frames ready for painting. This part of the project is easy enough to have the kids help. Disaya did a great job removing the paper backing from the pictures. She also helped remove the staples and screws and sanded down the rough spots to give the frames a clean smooth finish.

They were all different colors and sizes and I knew I wanted a satin black finish so I purchased a spray paint from Amazon for $11.

One bottle finished the job with two coats.

โ€4. Prep Wall & Hang Pictures

I picked 10 favorite photos of my family to grace my wall. I wanted a good variety of of images so I chose some individual and some group photos. When picking out your photos, I recommend using the ones that make you smile the most. That way whenever you are down or having a moment, you can visit your wall to find your happy again.

I used my Walgreens app to print my pictures to the nearest store. I selected  11 x14 and 16x 20 poster size images in order to make a bold statement. They had a 50% off all print promo so I took full advantage. I was  extremely pleased by the quality of the pictures and walked away spending just over $50!

How Much Did It Cost?

I finished the project in one day and on budget! I spent less then $100 including the tip I gave Disaya for helping me out. I now have a new central point of interest in my home and I wouldn’t change a thing. It is absolutely priceless to me.

โ€What type of emotional investments are you making in your home? Would you try a picture wall? If so, share your experiences with me on my Facebook page @nlovewithjasmine.

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