My White & Gold Christmas Tree

I am really excited about my Christmas decoration plan this year. Everything is going to be bigger and better!! I went ahead an invested in a new tree. I wanted a 9 footer and that is exactly what I got thanks to the great offerings they had at Big Lots. I am obsessed with the tree. It is pre-lit which is very convenient and very, very full.

Let’s talk décor. I opted for a neutral palate of white and gold this year. I did so because is works well with the aesthetic in my home. Plus it is a classic look that screams rich and refined. To dress the tree up, I got my ornaments from the At Home Store. You guys they have everything you need to make your tree beautiful. I love it there. The textured bulbs, oversized bulbs, sparkly feathers are just a few of my favorite decorations I picked up there.

So we have the main tree which is the 9ft beauty, then we have our old tree 7.5 ft. The kids had a blast decorating it and it looks beautiful in my formal dining room. Yes, I have 2 trees this year! Like I said bigger and better. During the holiday season, I just love looking at Christmas trees and with two I can admire mine from different vantage points in the house. It too was decorated using white and gold accents for a really clean and classic look.

What do you guys think? Is a gold and white palate the way to go? What are your decorating plans this year. Let me know in the comments or on IG or FB. @nlovewithjasmine.

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