mtWTF to cook? 1.0

Over the years I have shared meals I make on my social media outlets and people always asked for the recipes. They wanted to know how I came up with some the meals as well as how to execute them.

Mexican Street Corn salad

Well, due to the quarantine of 2020 I have been cooking and sharing even more. So I decided to put together a series of menus with recipes and cocktail suggestions to get people inspired to cook through the week.

I wanted to find a solution to the questions asked every day, WTF for dinner?

In order to put out a great product, I took time to research and plan menus that would appeal to a broad base of people . I wanted to incorporate items most people have on hand and take familiar foods and add a spin on them to make them a tad bit more interesting.

It was really important to me to have the recipes tested and to include pictures of each just to show it can be done.

In this book you will find a week’s worth of great recipes paired with a recommended cocktail. I am confident you and your family are going to love these meals.

The recipes are simple to follow, chef tested and definitely approved by my family! To make it even easier for you to prepare the meals, I have included a full shopping list.

If there is a Publix grocery store in your area, I have created a grocery cart you can customize to shop your groceries for the week. here is the link:

‍Do me a favor and order your copy today, and please share this wonderful book with your family and friends.

‍I can’t wait to see your dishes and get your feedback on the recipes. Be sure to tag me @nlovewithjasmine or #WTFtocook

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