Making Father’s Day Special

This year the girls and I made some special personalized items for Karl. I believe homemade gifts let him know how much he is truly loved and appreciated. You guys know I am a DIYer and quite crafty so the projects we made were done with my new Cricut Joy™. It’s so simple to use I had the girls help me. I also wanted them to participate so they could tap into their creative side and experience making something awesome for Daddy. With the Cricut Joy™ we made beautiful personalized cards and a custom mug. The projects were super simple and because of the Cricut Joy™ we were able to finish them in a timely manner.

The girls made cards that express how they feel about Karl. Each one added their own personal twist by expressing their feelings through art. The cards were made using Cricut Smart Materials in different colors. The cards actually came with the kit so they just had to decorate them. For this project we used Insert Cards, Rainbow Scales

Once they chose the card colors they wanted it was time to design. They used the Cricut Joy App templates and customized the words to say what they wanted.

The Cricut Joy™ made the process very easy because the girls were able to load their paper on the Cricut Joy™ Card Mat, customize the design using the software to put the cards together. I am very proud of them and look how cute the cards turned out!

I decided to make him a custom mug that is perfect for drinking his favorite beverages. I chose a tall, smooth transparent glass that has a masculine yet classy look to it. I customized it by using Cricut Joy™ Smart Vinyl™ in gold. The process was very simple with my Cricut Joy™.

I simply picked the color vinyl I wanted to use, created my design using the design app. Then I loaded the vinyl in the Cricut Joy™ and let it work its magic.

In today’s busy world many people will opt for buying gift cards or ordering something online to celebrate Dad. We chose to really put a lot of thought into the gifts and we are the only ones who can really tell Karl how we feel about him.

Father’s Day just does not get the same treatment as Mother’s Day but I believe that is changing. More fathers are really working to create a cohesive family unit and that should be celebrated. I am so thankful the girls have Karl in their lives because he is a constant! He is doing an awesome job of making the girls feel loved and desired. He is their example of how they should be treated as young ladies. His dedication, strength and kindness will definitely be attributes the girls will expect from any relationship they develop in the future. His efforts, his successes, his love all need to be celebrated and this year we expressed our gratitude in a very personal way.

What are you doing to make Father’s Day special this year? Would you consider making his gift with the help of the kids? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I’ve been thinking about getting a Cricut and get creative. Super cute ideas for Father’s Day.

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