Let Me Upgrade You!

Many of you know I have been making a few cosmetic changes around my house.  Well my latest project was the easiest to do and gave the most bang for the buck, in my opinion.  I decided to upgrade my traditional fireplace to a modern masterpiece using the white washing technique.

I’m obsessed with the look I achieved using such a simple technique.  It really brightened up the great room and compliments the clean and modern aesthetic we have in our home.  To make a great thing even better, the upgrade was completed for under $30!


White Paint& Water

Wide Natural Bristle Paint Brush

Absorbent Cloths

Painter’s Tape

Drop Cloth

How To:

1. Wash the brick first with soap and water to get rid of dust and residue.

2. Tape off the edge of the fireplace with frog tape and use a disposable drop cloth on the floor to protect from spillage.

3. Use equal parts of water and paint to create the white wash solution.  Be sure to stir thoroughly to remove clumps and blend well.

4. Allow the solution to sit a few seconds, then remove the excess with a damp cloth.

5. Let the first coat set over night, then follow up the next day with a second coat.

6. Remember when applying the second coat, do so gently to allow the integrity of the brick to show through.

My fireplace now matches the color palate of my home and creates a visual flow.  I love it!

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