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I am absolutely in love with my house plants. While I cannot say I have a green thumb, I can say they have proven to be very beneficial in my life. Watching them grow and become more beautiful every day is like having kids that don’t make a mess or get on my nerves. LOL I am a proud plant mom to three snake plants and a Bird of Paradise. I have to admit, I was worried when I first started out because they did not seem to adjust to my home, but with a few small changes in my care routine and proper placement, they began to thrive.

According to there are 7 science based benefits to having house plants. Of the 7, three really hit home for me. They say house plants improve indoor air quality. I agree with that because the air in my house is always crisp and fresh even though I have a dog. I believe my plants help with that. They also state working with the plants can be therapeutic. For me this is a reality as well. I look forward to cleaning, watering and talking to my plants weekly. It is a form of therapy because I can tell them anything and they agree. LOL. Seriously, just taking the time to care for them is quite soothing. In return for my efforts, they grow, shine and look beautiful every time I sit and stare at them. it just feels good! Finally, the report states plants reduce stress. Again, I agree. If you are having a bad day, you can grab a glass of wine, sit down and just gaze at your plants. Your mind immediately goes to how awesome they are. How well you have done nurturing them and you get to revel in their beauty. That right there takes your mind off anything stressful.

Beginning stages of my Bird of Paradise
Look at that growth!

Here are a few good tips I would like to share based on my experience growing the snake plant and Bird of Paradise plant.

  1. Be sure to repot them in a pot large enough to allow for ample growth. Usually when you bring plants home from the store the root system has overgrown the pot. Pick nice sized pots that compliment your décor. That way the plants blend in an become part of your aesthetic. Beautiful pots add to the pleasure you feel when you sit back and admire the plants.

2. Choose a good potting soil that allows for good drainage and is nutrient dense. Doing so will give your plants what they need to adjust to a new environment and thrive. I personally love the Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix. It drains well, does not cause fungus and feeds your plants up to 6 months.

Snake Plant! The best beginner plants to try!

3. Buy plants that are easy to grow.

  • I chose the snake plant because it has a low light requirement, grows tall, and does not require a ton of attention. I bought it to decorate my dining room and I knew I place it in an area that was not very sunny or bright.
  • I chose the Bird of Paradise because of it’s WOW factor. I wanted something that would grow pretty large to fill the corner in my family room. I placed it right in front of the large window to make sure it get ample light and it loves it.

I want to share a few of my favorite items to upkeep my plant babies and space!

Leaf Shine Spray
The BEST spray bottle for plants
Keep the gnats and fungus away!

Having house plants are essential to making your house a home! Do you have plants? Please share some tips that have worked for you in the comments.

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  • Great tips! I think I needed to change the soil for my previous plants. I have a snake plant and it really does grow well and low maintenance.

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