I Got The Blues!

I’m not sad you guys.

I am uber EXCITED about all of the possibilities my beautiful BLANK SLATE of a house has in store for me. I just feel very blessed and grateful that I have been given the opportunity to take something that was gently used and infuse new life into it. That’s what I love to do! Make the impossible, POSSIBLE, make the not so attractive, BEAUTIFUL and finally take that which is on the cusp of greatness but stuck in a state of mediocrity, and push it over the top to it’s peak of PERFECTION.

One of my very first House to Home projects gave me the blues! During the planning phase I though it would be a piece of cake, however, nothing could have been further from the truth. I am talking about refinishing antique chairs!

I found these online and fell in love. They were sturdy, had the look I wanted and most importantly, they were inexpensive. I took the outdated chair and updated them to fit into my decor plan for my dining room.

How I Refinished My Chairs

Tools :

Good Paint/ stain stripper. I used a non drip solution that is safe to use indoors. One half gallon worked well on 6 chairs. You will also need protective gloves and putty knives/ paint scrapers, sand paper, goo gone and wood glue.

Water based stain of your choice, upholstery fabric, batting and lining, nails.

The Process:

Remove stain from chairs using stripper. Clean with Goo Gone. Let Dry.

Sand down chair until smooth. Wipe clean with a tack cloth.

‍Apply stain to chairs with a brush. Wipe off excess with lint free cloth. Let dry. Repeat if desired.

Cover chair seat with batting. Cover with fabric, and secure in place.


Lessons Learned:

Older pieces of furniture were made to last. Allocate a sufficient amount of time to strip the finish, repair/replace any loose or worn parts, and allow ample time between coats to dry completely before sanding or adding other colors

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