How to have the perfect NYE celebration at home In 5 steps!

New Years Eve 2020

I am so excited for 2020 and the refresh it brings to my life. We have done the traditional NYE at home with the kids, had a get together before with a few friends and kept it low key and we even purchased tickets and got dressed up for a night on the town before. All of which can get pricey and overwhelming.

Although I still have NYC dreams to bring in a new year in Times Square in the brutal cold hugging strangers and living my best life, that just won’t happen this year. I have, however managed to curate what will make for a memorable and heartfelt night at home. I want to share my ideas with hope you will be inspired to do the same, especially if you have children. Just think, by time you drop the kids off at grandma’s or pay an outrageous holiday rate for a sitter, creating a NYE night celebration at home makes a lot of sense.

NYE 2020 plans include the following:

FOOD – I hired a personal chef to come to our house at 8:30pm to prepare an amazing meal. The menu he sent over has me drooling already. I found this particular company by using the Thumbtack app and it was a breeze. There were a few chefs to choose from in my area which left little to no room for confusion while trying to make a decision.

App to find a chef

On top of the convenience of the app, the total price for dinner for two including filet mignon and desert is under $150! Listen folks this is a steal considering we paid well over that in the past just going out for special occasions.

FASHION – I am going to be extra and actually get dressed up really nice as though I am hitting the city. I picked out a few pieces to share with you guys that will give glam on a budget. I plan to do my hair and makeup and be picture ready right in the comfort of my home!

AMBIANCE – Create a bomb tablescape to really set the mood and compliment the nice dinner prepared by the chef and your outfit selection! I personally plan to go with the traditional black, white and gold with hints of red (roses). Doesn’t matter if you have a large table seating 6-8 or a cute dinette fit for just you and your boo. Be sure to make a playlist as well and really set the mood for a festive evening.

THE LITTLE EXTRAS – No evening will go smooth without  planned activities. If you know me then you know we MUST have an agenda for the evening lol.

I plan to start at 9 with activities and they will correlate with the purpose of the night.

At 9 I plan to do a joint vision board just me and my partner to create a visual of our plans and goals for the upcoming year. This is fun and can be done individually totally up to you.

At 10 I want to have usie and selfie galore. I purchased cute cut outs from amazon with a package of 2020 props for a photo booth. This is a great opportunity to have fun and use Snapchat filters and create those keepsakes.

Once 11 hits I plan to enjoy a drinking game or two… lol. I am also tasking us with finding a word or quote to be our mantra for the upcoming year.

What dinner party is complete without a signature cocktail?! A his and hers is always fun depending on your patience to make two separate drinks. This year I’ll have an apple martini and he will have an old fashioned.


We plan to tire Karli our so she will sleep sound through the night. Honestly, if she wakes up and wants some juice when the ball drops then so be it. She can toast to the New Year with us LOL. Disaya will be with her father and my mom will be in Ghana living her best life.

I am looking forward to this fun filled evening in the comfort and safety of our home.

Tell me what you think of this idea. Is a NYE Night IN on the table for you and your family? Let’s talk about it on Facebook or Instagram @nlovewithjasmine

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