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I’m obsessed with Halloween and the entire idea of dressing up and getting into character.

This year my girls were cave girls with custom costumes made by ModernByMoMo! It was really fun to see an inspired idea morph into exactly what we wanted. We used a perfect blend of soft faux furs, feather fur and felt accent pieces to pull the costumes together. Both girls really got into character once they put them on and it was truly fun to watch.

When choosing a costume idea I try to think outside of the box and find something that will be cute to wear for trick or treating but can be used later for play clothes or dress up.   If you have more than one child, pick a theme that will promote positive interaction between them. You can always tell when your kids LOVE their costumes. Check out the girls serving LOOKS below.

This year we went to a neighborhood in Johns Creek that went all out by turning their neighborhood into a real Halloween Town. Every house was decorated for the season, the community members were friendly and inviting which made for a once in a lifetime experience for the girls. I think it was really great idea for the neighborhood to get together to provide a fun and safe trick or treating experience for everyone.

Other trick or treating options popular today are the trunk or treats that schools and churches usually throw. It consists of parents / members getting together to purchase treats and distribute them out of the trunks of cars in lieu of going door to door. Publix supermarket and local malls also open up their businesses to provide a safe environment for Halloween activity. I applaud their efforts because safety concerns and in-climate weather are two major issues that are resolved when you know the source of the treats and can allow the kids to run around indoors if it is cold out or raining.

‍Halloween 2018 was a success!

Where did you guys take the kids this year? What costume did you choose? Share with us on Facebook @nlovewithjasmine.

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