Fat 2 Fit AGAIN!!!

I’m excited to start AGAIN!

I have a lot of trips and fun coming up and I want to look and feel good! Plus I prefer showing off a curvy fit opposed to HAVING to catch the angle right 😂😩 when taking pictures. Bottom line, it’s time to commit to a healthier lifestyle and I am all in.

Planning Meals

This week I am keeping it simple and using short cuts wherever I can to save time. My proteins are ground chicken and chicken breast, my vegetables are frozen riced cauliflower, frozen brussel sprouts and salad veggies.

I used healthy cooking methods, ie. chicken breast in my air fryer and baking the individual chicken “muffins”. Below is the ingredient list for the chicken muffins. Be sure to watch my IGTV to see the process.

Ground chicken


Green pepper

Red pepper





Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and divide until uniform balls and place in mufin pan. Bake until internal temp of 165 degrees has been obtained,

To make sure I exercise portion contol, I decided to use glass storage containers. Reheating meals are a breeze and the glass allows for easy clean up. Here is the link to the containers rstyle.me/cz-n/dyj256csmvf.

Please check out my IGTV video to view the full meal prep.

Do you want to go on this healthy lifestyle journey with me?  Let me know via Facebook or Instagram @nlovewithjasmine

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