Fall Soirée Dinner Party

I’m still beyond full! My Oh my, Ashley and I DID that! We hosted a beautiful dinner party through SBI ! We started out by booking a beautiful air bnb that had an aesthetic that complimented our vision! We mapped … Read More

Scottsdale Dreams!

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Scottsdale,AZ over the weekend and I’m still in awe. I am going to share a few of my favorites places in this beautiful city in hopes of you checking them out when … Read More

Momcations Are A Must

The Justification: I find it imperative that I allocate “me time”in forms of isolation from my normal routine. Why?  Because being a working mom is a huge responsibility, and sometimes it feels as if we are given the short end … Read More

Warm Chorizo Potato Salad

•Ingredients ⁃ baby red potatoes (1.5lb cut into quarters) ⁃ Red onion (1 whole sliced) ⁃ Garlic (2 cloves) ⁃ Chorizo sausage (4 links) ⁃ Ranch seasoning pack ⁃ Lemon (1 whole juiced) ⁃ Robust olive oil (1 cup) ⁃ … Read More

A San Francisco weekend guide!

I finally made it to the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA! In two short days I was able to compact a lot of shareable information. From must try food spots to landmarks and the easiest and best ways to … Read More

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

The ultimate fall side dish! The same flavor pallet as candied yams. This is an air-fryer recipe using the “air roast” setting. I purchased my hassleback potato guide from @amazon  4 medium sized sweet potatoes  Butter – 1.5 stick Cinnamon … Read More

5 Tips to Maximize your Lifestyle Shoot

This is fairly simple to do with 5 key points to keep in mind.  1- Choose and hone in on the direction of your brand/feed. Keep in mind that you want these pictures to serve as multipurpose. You want to … Read More

It’s the GROWTH, for me!

Join me as I discuss the hard truths about growth and it’s effects of friendships. I dive in with m y thoughts on Antebellum, and a little Tea Time! I also drop a few gems on how to maximize your … Read More

The Struggle is REAL!

Let talk all things Prioritizing! The difference between prioritizing and balance. I share insight from others and a 4 step process I discovered!Let’s unpack RHOP and the drama chileeee, i tell you guys why you MUST watch Antebellum and more! … Read More

How I am COMING respectfully.

Hey y’all!!!! This is my FIRST episode of Growth Chronicles w/Jas! I am sharing the intention of this space and what’s to come. No longer a group effort but a solo dolo bliss! Step into my world!!! We’re going to … Read More