Yum Yum Wings! (Air fryer)

Ingredients: ‍Chicken Wings (flats and drums the small ones)SaltPepper1 tsp Garlic powder1 tsp Chili powder3 tbsp Olive oil3 tbsp Fish sauce ‍Yum yum sauce recipe: ‍Yum yum sauce 1/4 cup2 tsp of red pepper flake2 tbsp of butter (cook first)Cook … Read More

DIY Cabinet Revamp

We purchased our house in 2016 knowing cosmetic updates were needed to make the house a home. The beauty of home ownership is that you are in total control the renovation timetable. We didn’t feel rushed to start home improvement … Read More

Top 5 Picnic Must Haves

Mood When setting the mood for your picnic finding the right location is the most important thing to do.  Choose a park that has decent shaded areas and access to areas with minimal traffic. Use blankets and throw pillows together … Read More