Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I am Jasmine Scales.  I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur of more than 10 years.  Thank you for checking out my Blog where I am happy to share some of my journey through life with you.

This entire site is an authentic representation of who I am, who I love and what I love to do when I am away from the office.  Welcome & Enjoy!

My Goal  


To create safe place for women to Connect and Navigate this Journey called LIFE.


Sneak Peek

My Hubby

I am married to my Karl Bear!  Nothing is perfect but it’s always worth it!  I share the ups & downs of our relationship and my experience NOW as his Wife.  Love him to the moon and back for loving me. I love US even more because we chose each other.  

My little family means the world to me, and as I share my journey I hope to INSPIRE.

Our Girls

This is my first born @Disayasworld.  She will be 13 this year.  She saved me to say the least.  Watching her grow confirms my purpose.  She looks just like me but our personalities are different. 

Raising a teen isn’t an easy task, but I would not trade her for the world.

This is my Spirit Twin Karli B!

I birthed a little one who looks just like my husband but acts just like me!  Most of you are here for her LOL.  

She is 4 years old with so much soul!  Her confidence brings me joy.  She is the last of the gang, but she certainly keeps us on our toes!

Things I Love To Do .....

I am the host of #growthchronicleswithJas

I love having my podcast because it gives me a place to really connect with you guys.

I absolutely Love to Host!  

Whether it’s in my home or on vacation, there’s something about gathering with good people, eating good food, sipping good drank, good music & vibes!

I share my travels as well!

Whether it’s a short drive or a long flight, I like to do things on a budget.  I love to share how to make it happen!  Most of my trips turn in to foodcations though.

Share my love of Music!

I am a huge musichead! I prefer music over any other form of entertainment.  I a literally like a human jukebox!  I even have several playlists with more to come.

I Am Passionate About

I am a master cosmetologist and owner of Jasmine Nikol LLC located in Lawrenceville, GA.     

I specialize in healthy hair and help facilitate clients growing healthy hair using protective styles. 

Check out my work @jasminenikol.  Book an appointment or purchase my Exceptional Virgin Hair Extensions jasminenikol.com. 

The Curl Shop LLC is my baby!  I created this company to hand craft curl loving natural and organic hair care products for kids.  

Every product was developed and made by me and my team using high quality ingredients and love.

Get some products for your loved ones @thecurlshop or visit our website thecurlshop.com.  I know you will LOVE them!

good Eats

I COOK COOK!  I love food and I love to create recipes and share.  

I have 4 Ebooks available now on this website! I sometimes go LIVE on my social media and I share a ton of FREE recipes as well.

My mom is a classically trained chef  and even taught culinary school. so I get most of my tips and tricks from her!