A weekend in Nola!

New Orleans is always a good idea! There’s literally so much to do and I’m here to share with you exactly how to do it!!!

Location– this is extremely important because this is a city you want to explore. You can enjoy Nola by simply going with the flow so you want to make sure you’re in the mix. I wouldn’t advise staying on burbon street because it gets extremely busy. We stayed at the Lowe’s on Pondryas street and the location was perfect! We were walking distance to everything and Uber accessible as well with rides not exceeding $10! A quick 20 minute ride from the airport as well. This hotel was extremely accommodating allowing us to have an early check in and even upgraded our room! Clean and comfy rooms which made for a great stay.

I’ve also stayed at Le Pavillion before and it’s absolutely beautiful! A little pricey but if you want that essence of the historic city this is highlight recommended.


What to do- Now we all know that you go to Nola to eat and i’ll have a separate tab for that lol! I do want to share actual things to do and places to go. The Swamp tour is an absolute must! To be ably to see the beautiful bayou and all of its glory is simply magical. I booked out tour through travelocity and used Airboat Adventures and it was amazing. They picked us up from our hotel and dropped us off. Our tour guide was phenomenal and knew the bayou like the back of his hand. We felt safe and informed and saw a ton of alligators! Id suggest doing the morning tour to eliminate the intense heat of the high noon. Make sure you bring bug spray and wear pants and long sleeves, preferably workout gear and sneakers. We snagged our deal for $150 for 2 people and that included transportation, completely worth it.

The swamp!
Look at this huge alligator!

Now we all know and heard about Burbon Street which is a landmark for the city! Tons of people and bars,clubs,resturants and street food. The architecture and vibes are unmatched to say the least. Be sure to hit up a spot called “The Beach“… the ultimate people watch and NOLA party vibe. Be sure to wear comfy shoes and clothes and spend the evening walking the strip with drink in hand. One night is enough on Burbon to be honest.

The next night should absolutely be spent on Frenchman St! This is my particular favorite vibe, full of culture and live music. Its as though the city is alive all night here. From music inside the bars to the street, you cant miss it. This is a little less touristy and a lot less intimidating than Burbon, I’ve been told this is where the locals go!

Shop my looks!
Headed to Burbon Shop my hair look here!

Theres also a ton of tours from voodoo to plantation and haunted tours that you can choose from. Our hotel was directly across the street from the. casino Harrahs, of which we entered and i lost money faster than I’ve ever made it lol. I quit immediately and decided gambling isnt for me. However if thats your speed its an option for an activity.

Where to EAT?!- Ok now this is my favorite part of this share and post. NOLA is garunteed to add an additional 5-10 pounds on you in a few days so try to detox before and after your visit lol. Its still amazing to me that a city in the US could have so much of its own culture unlike anyplace in the world.

First up is Luke, such a cute spot with phenomenal food. I am obsessed with their charbroiled oysters and smoked trout dip.

The absolute best hole in the wall grab is Cajun Mikes , this is an amzing dive bar with some of the best food in NOLA. their gator po boy and crab fingers will have you searching for property right next door! This is a must stop once you hit the city and doesnt close until 2 am! soudns like double stop a day to me!

We ate dinner at the Red Fish Grill and you have to apprecite the menu here! a perfectly curated menu to have you wanting to order everything, seriosuly. Our server was phenomenal and made our exoerience even better.

The crawfish cheesecake!
The menu at Red Fish Grill!

The Burbon House quite the gem as well with a huge menu catering to all of the NOLA favorites. They also have an extensive burbon selection and i had the burbon milk drink that was serislut addictive.

Look at this Burbon Selection!

Be sure to hit up Trenasse for an amzing cup of gumbo!

Last but not least you can NOT hit NOLA without have breafast at Ruby Slipper ! This gem has 3 locations in the city and this is needed because the wait is extensive. WOrth it nonetheless but be sure to visit the site and place yourself on the waiting list early to help cut into the wait time. The Chicken benedict is to die for and they have seasonal beignets. The mimosas are perfection and im drooling as I type.

The lines at Cafe Du Monde are insane and I’d actually suggest just stopping at the location at the airport if you just have to have this brand. They also have Cafe Beignet that I’d suggest stopping at.

How to dress- Listen this is not the city to bring your pair of heels. I’d suggest weari a pair of shoes you don’t really care to get dirty. Understand that once you eat you will walk until you run into the next spot of intrest. Dress comfy and cute and respect the humidty especeially when it comes to hair. This is a city you come to have a good time and explore the slay has to be minimal. You absolutely can be overdressed here lol.

My Chuck Taylors were my best friends during this trip! Cute and comfortable is suggested to have a good time! Grab my look here!

New Orleans will always be a stop for me when it comes to needing to get away and have a good time. I hope this guide was hopeful and you hit up a few spots that I mentioned.

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  • Nice!! I just went to NOLA for girls /birthday trip in April. We had a blast. I said the next time I go, I’m taking husband! Your blog post was just on time because while we went to turn up in April, I want to do a little bit of turn up plus chill with husband. I’m for sure going to book the tour. We tried back in April but did not realize it was something we should have done in advance. Awesome blog post!

    It’s @__brynnD from IG 😉

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