5 Tips to starting a podcast!

5 steps to start a podcast

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1- Choose a niche…. what do you want to connect to your audience. Pick what type of podcast you will host so that you can select a name and strategy. This will allow you to determine what you need and podcast structure. Whether your solo or in need of co hosts. Whether you want to release weekly or bi-weekly. Whether you will “teach” or have a chat space. There’s so many elements that go into defending your type of show.

2- A cellphone or computer! If you use your phone you can record directly into the app of choice or software. This will not require and additional equipment just be sure to test and record in an area that doesn’t produce echo or noise. If you record on your computer I’d recommend a microphone with USB adapter. This will ensure maximum quality audio!

3- Download the anchor app! This is the best app to use to go live with your podcasts. You can also record in app with a ton of cool features, from transitions to background music! Trim and edit in app as well.Loading your cover art that I’d recommend your design in the Canva app, You DO NOT need a ton of software or equipment to start! They allow features to include your listeners and to monetize immediately, connecting you directly to sponsorships. Being patient is key because the money will come once you establish your footing and get exposure. Focus on the content FIRST!

4- Headliner app is a must for marketing material! You ever see those cool looking graphics with the sound bar and clips of your episode? Yep, this is the one!!! You can even format the graphic for an in feed post on IG or a story post size wise. You can post a sound clip for 1:00 each slide on feed with up to 10 slides. Story slides have a 15 second duration so a clip for 1 minute will give your 4 slides in story. This is important to consider for marketing purposes. Never give too much only enough to lure. You want to captivate your audience so choose the clickbait content to promote and watch your numbers soar. Encourage your community to share and link your content!

5- Bring your BEST self! Listen when podcasting the ball is completely in your court. I’ve found this Avenue of content for any brand/creator to be very intimate and stress free. Just think… it’s you and your device, no make up or filter. Not having to worry about your scenery or angles. Just raw, pure content your way! When recording I literally feel like I’m sitting in a room having the best girl talk ever with a ton of virtual friends. People can see and hear straight through bull shit so simply be yourself. Commit to the process and have fun. As you grow confidence and monetize you may start to add new and “better” elements to your production. In the meantime, just START, your awaiting community will thank you!

I’m the BEST at being me!

Bonus Tip– I knew once I decided what type of podcast I wanted and the mood I wanted to set I KNEW I had to have a bomb intro! I reached out to a girlfriend of mine who sings beautifully and asked her to make me a jungle! I wanted my own Whitney Houston “Every Woman” intro and slide the name of my podcast in! She literally nailed it… I start every episode with this and she mixed an outdo for me as well. This creates recognition for my podcast and sets the tone for every listener, new and old. I also created my own clips for segments of my show. This allows me to transition in episode and minimizes any awkward time. I created my clips in the Garage Band software on my MacBook. This was beyond fun and I couldn’t explain my excitement feeling like a Grammy nominated producer lol!

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