5 Tips to Maximize your Lifestyle Shoot

This is fairly simple to do with 5 key points to keep in mind. 

1- Choose and hone in on the direction of your brand/feed. Keep in mind that you want these pictures to serve as multipurpose. You want to be able to use them for marketing, stock, branding and more. Understanding your direction prior to the shoot will allow you to pick your clothing, hair, location and more. If you’re going for a fitness feel you may want a few shots in your kitchen showing yourself making smoothies and with healthy choice food items. You also may want a few outdoor images showing an active lifestyle. Throw a few campaigns in if you can during your professional shoot as well. This maximizes the integrity of your collaborative work and is ideal for your portfolio. 

2- Choose your color story for the shoot/brand. Color stories/themes can change as well as your aesthetic. We see this happen most during seasons change. It’s so important to have an idea of your color story and aesthetic. This will play a role mostly in your clothing selection when it comes to maximizing your lifestyle shoot. Think about it, you want colors that seamlessly flow with each other. This does NOT mean the same color. Think the same family, complimentary colors and more. Colors and looks that won’t clash or serve as an eye sore on your feed. Also be sure to pick clothing that flatters your body and gives you comfort. When shooting anywhere between 1-2 hours, you can truly cram a lot of content into this window. Be sure to try the clothes on and establish the order in which you want them to appear. You never want to the create a perfect shot that you can’t use because of a wardrobe malfunction, or something you captured cannot be edited out.

If you ever need inspiration Pinterest is always a good idea. Be sure to follow other bloggers/influencers in your niche and draw inspiration. Search the explore page as well… utilize the “saved” option on Instagram as well and create your inspo board. This helps you when in doubt or in a rut. You could have the idea first and find it refreshing to see how others did it as well once you search. Trust me… there’s no such thing as a new idea lol… just be sure to gather your ideas and make them happen to the best of your ability.

3- Picking your photographer! I must say that this step is beyond important. You want to pick someone who understands your vision and can maximize your shoot. This doesn’t always mean choose the most in demand, high priced person you can find. Once you’re ready to elevate your brand by having consistent “professional level” content, look into hiring a photographer. The best way is to utilize our best option “hashtags”! Search the hashtag of photographer in your city. You’ll be amazed by how many options there are for talented, hungry professionals. I’d suggest going without someone who has an aesthetic that you like already. There is a difference in shooting style between a “moody” photographer and “bright and airy”. Match with someone who understands your vision. Then inquire about “influencer packages” this is ok if they don’t have this listed already, ask anyway. Explain that you want consistency and would prefer to bring them on in house to create and establish your brand. This is ultimately good for them as well as they’re looking to grow. I’d suggest choosing the 1 hour to 2 hour slot option. This will allow you to batch looks! This is the goal… have it mapped out and ready and make it quick! If you already have your own preferred preset ask if they can load the memory card on site so you aren’t held up on content. 

4- Hair and makeup!!!! I know I know some folks feel like they don’t need it. Trust me…. for your lifestyle branding, you do! This is why it’s so important to batch this type of shoot because you want to maximize your investment. Listen… when you look good, you feel good and there’s nothing like a little beat face to save the day when your unsure of the shoot and it shows lol. Also be sure to choose a natural/glam beat. Yes wear lashes, a little contour and highlight. It will show up well on camera. When choosing your hair try to get a style that fits your image normally. We want to be able to recycle our photos and if your hair is in braids, hot pink baby hair or anything else not common to your familiarity it can be hard to place. Hey even if budget doesn’t allow for you to bring in hair and make up professionals… this is a chance to be a creative and do your own! Just be sure to take the time and do it… you can even record yourself doing it in time lapse and have content to add when promoting your shoot! Everyone loves a little behind the scenes. 

5- Use a grid app like Planoly or preview to be able to map out your feed and plug in your images. This will help you create the content because I promise some of the most engaging pictures are those with amazing captions that draw in the audience due to commonality. A picture of you in your kitchen with your favorite bottle of wine candidly would make an amazing post to call to action of your followers favorite wine! A picture of your leisurely on your couch with remote in hand is the perfect opportunity to question your audience about their current favorite shows/movies. Never get too stiff… this is possible with having lifestyle shots that fit your desired aesthetic. I love to choose at least 5 pics per look and plug them in. I can move them around and I’m sure to take any campaign shots I may have while shooting as well so that my “sponsored” ads flow with my feed. This allows you to plan and create what others see. A proper batching lifestyle shoot should create your content for the month. If you post 1-2 times a day which is ideal for your platform to stay aligned with the algorithm and visible to your audience. Your feed is what brands see and it needs to be clean, attractive and inviting. Being intentional about how you present yourself is imperative for the growth of your brand

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