5 tips on how to pick the perfect wedding dress!

1- before you even attempt to search for a dress be sure to find and secure your venue. Whether it’s a destination on the beach or a huge cathedral, you’re going to want to know so that you can find a dress that compliments the aesthetic. Heavy fabric and a ton of dress doesn’t play well on a windy beach. I’d even suggest picking your colors prior. If your colors are black and white you can’t wear an ivory dress. If you want hints of gold your hardware should compliment. This will save time and frustration of trying to match a venue to an already purchased dress. There’s more dresses out there than there are venues ladies!

My face can tell you this dress is too big. 

2- the higher the cost doesn’t mean the higher the quality! Do not shy away from the David’s bridal shops or consignment shops. Yes of course we all want to experienced Say Yes to the Dress moment but keep in mind that Lori’s bridal here in ATL has a $2500 minimum for their showroom gowns. I actually scored my gown for $550! It’s a satin finish and ball gown style. My petticoat was $80 which wanted to emphasize the ball gowns silhouette. I even snagged my veil from amazon for $22! I purchased my earring from David’s bridal as well for $38 and my shoes from stylishsoulz (my friends shoetique I wanted to support) for $50!

3- never fall in love with the first dress. Try on multiple types… different fabrics, silhouettes and styles. What you may have imagined being the perfect gown for your big day in your head may not be the perfect gown for YOU.

This was my visual bridal dream but once on it was too much damn dress!

They have sooooo many different styles and designs and this is your chance to tear them ALL! I literally tried on close to 8 dresses before saying yes! I will share them all below! There were a few I was torn between but to answer the question of knowing when you know… this is proven true. When I selected my dress there were absolutely NO doubts!

This was the runner up
I hated this one!
ummmmm NO
Gave me quinceanera

4- do not force the dress! If you are trying to stay in budget be mindful that you should purchase a dress that doesn’t need a ton of alterations. Some people fail to realize that they are creating an entire NEW dress!

This can get costly and add unnecessary time to the process. If the gowns you try on focus on the ones that actually fit like a glove! You don’t want to have to wear a ton of under garments either because that will compromise comfort level throughout the day! With minimal adjustments needed, adding a bustle or hemming the length are normal low cost changes. Also keep in mind about comfort and convenience. My dress actually had pockets! This is every brides dream because needing to keep your phone or any personal belonging is now possible.

I look casket sharp!

Also be sure that the gown isn’t too damn difficult to put on or off I mean I’m sure throughout the day you’ll need to use the restroom! Make sure you can sit and move… especially if you’re not changing into a reception dress (completely unnecessary) be sure that you can breathe and enjoy.

5- when selecting your gown understand that hair and makeup should be complimentary to your natural beauty. Think about it, how often do you wear a wedding dress?! Not often right?! Well let the dress make the statement. Choose a soft hairstyle that still allows the dress to be the star and you to appear soft and beautiful. Makeup can be a little heavier than normal because you will be captured on camera and heavier always translates better. When I say heavier I don’t mean show make up, you can still keep a neutral pallet and a smooth skin finish but sis, you must wear a lash and a light contour and highlight. It’s a must, no debate… look alive! LOL…

Make up by @Kris_on_the_beat and Hair by @simplyslayed_

I hope you enjoyed these tips on finding the perfect dress for your big day. I still can’t believe my day has come and gone and I’m actually going to sell my dress on a wedding dress consignment shop at a fraction of the price to give another bride a chance at her dream dress within budget. I like to use www.preownedweddingdress.com www.stillwhite.com

Photagraphy by @simonereneephoto – I love my final look. I went for modern classic glam. Did I nail it?

Have you been through this process yet? If so, do you think this information is useful for a new bride? Let’s talk about it on FB and IG @nlovewithjasmine.

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