5 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

1 – Game Night:

This is a given but you can step it up a notch and get adult type games or a new game we found https://shop.theskindeep.com/

You can really make this a thing by isolating yourselves from the rest of the home and focus solely on each other. This is the time to let the kids dive into TV or the iPad. It’s mommy and daddy time now!

2 – Cook

with each other, chopped edition and let the kid’s be the judge! This is a way to spend the necessary quality time with tour partner and include the kids so you aren’t constantly interrupted and annoyed. I say go all out… let the kids pick the 5 must have ingredients and let your creative juices flow!

3 – Childhood Movie Night…

start around 7pm so you can watch two movies all the way through. Let him pick his and you pick yours, and watch pure nostalgia take place. This is an awesome bonding idea because your sharing a memory with each other that doesn’t include either of you. Snuggle up on the couch with your favorite childhood snacks and escape reality for a few hours.

4 – Gym Bae at Home!

Do an online workout course together. Pick one under 30 minutes and get those endorphins pumping. Go all out! Put on your workout gear, fill those water bottles and blast the music. You can even move the cars from the garage and make it feel like a real gym session cross fit style! You will both feel better and guilt free once done. May even start a new habit once this corona quarantine passes.

5 – Karaoke!

This is a favorite of mine and usually turns into the Jasmine show considering Karl is super introverted. That’s fine with me, I will gladly put on a show for my man and my kids love to perform too. Go all out and create a stage set and a track list. You can even put an American idol twist to it! This is a fun time with your partner and the kids.

We are all going stir crazy but I refuse to allow this cabin fever to do anything but bring my unit closer. Karl and I are used to doing date night at least once or twice a week. Here we are newly married and in Quarantine, but we refuse to allow this to stop our momentum.

What ideas do you have to make date night and fun times at home with your partner and children possible? Share with me on FB and IG @nlovewithjasmine

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